Midge Mesh by the Roll - 1220mm x 30m

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Midge Full Roll-1

Sandfly, Midge Mesh Insect Screening

1220mm wide 30metre roll

Stop tiny biting insects with this high quality mesh.

This is the same mesh that is used by your local
screen company.


What is the difference between “Midge” mesh and Standard Fly screen mesh?

Fiberglass screen is actually a composite material composed of fiberglass strands
coated with a plastic resin selected by the manufacturer based 
on Ultra Violet resistance, strength, and cost. 
Insect screen is generally identified by MESH size 
which means the total number of strands per inch or meter.
Eg: 14 x 18 mesh has 14 strands per inch in one direction 
and 18 strands per inch in the opposite direction.

The higher the number, the tighter the mesh.
Our “”standard” mesh is 18 x 14 where as this “midge” mesh is 20 x 20. 
This makes Midge mesh much finer and able to block out much smaller insects.

Both standard mesh and midge mesh are composed of the same 
0.28mm coated fiberglass strands. 

This produces meshs of the same quality, strength and pliability.









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