Transparent plastic shoebox - foldable, organised storage

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Shoe Box-9

 Do you have more shoes than your local shoe shop? Well you have come to the  right place because  Restock Direct offer the lowest prices you will  find on  these lidded shoe boxes. 


Shoes are more often than not the finishing touch to one’s outfit for the day.

Keeping them maintained and organized to where they’re used but not abused is  the trick.


 When  it's time to clear out the clutter, there is no better way to organize your  space

than with our  storage boxes. With  these shoe boxes, you are able to see your

 entire shoe collection at a glance and pick whichever shoes you like from any  box.

You do not need to open them to see what shoe is in which box.

Each box has a subtle diagonal scoring pattern within the plastic which makes  anyone

to be able to see what shoe is in the box but without it being completely clear.

You can easily access all your shoes with the opening lid on the top of the shoe  boxes.


These high quality shoe  boxes  are a great idea for anyone looking to keep their shoes nice and  tidy.



  • Box Size: 29.5  x 9.5 x 18 cm
  • Colour:  Transparent
  • Material: Strong PP
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